Stanford Virtual Event

Our CEO, Bridget Kilroy, will be a guest at Venture Capital Alliance participating in virtual fireside chat to discuss “Family Office Networks” with Mark Landay on Friday June 25 9-10:30AM PST. Venture Capital Alliance is a monthly meeting where all of Los Angeles’s leading VCs meet.

Date: Thursday, June 24, 2021

Time: 4:00 pm EST

Networking Breakout Room 1:

Changing Tides:

The Next Generation The next wave of family members are shaking things up. While everyone has vastly different backgrounds, they all share a common goal: carve out your own story. We have gathered some of the world’s most powerful & influential men and women for a networking breakout session to give you an opportunity to connect, learn, and grow with your peers through our virtual group discussion. We will kick off the networking breakout by having our nextgen leaders introduce themselves, their background, and briefly share how they are making an impact to create their own path. We will then open up the room for an interactive talk. Moderators: Bobby Stover (Americas Family Enterprise and Family Office Leader, EY), Bridget Kilroy (Founder and CEO, The Global 51), Bobbi Dunphy (Ms.) (Board Trustee, Pivotal Growth and Impact Advisor, Legacy Global )

Speakers: Tyler Barth (Co-Founder, Legacy House), Marina Feffer (Co-Founder and Pledger, Generation Pledge), Kenneth Kwok (Founder and CEO, Global Citize-n Capital), Peter Polydor (Founder and President, Ergo Holdings), Lu Zhang (Founder & Managing Partner, Fusion Fund)