Tasia Karas

Corporate Development & Marketing

Tasia is the Marketing Director for The Global 51. She is the architect behind the vision, growth, and performance of the overall brand’s online and IRL visibility. Tasia grew up in a family office as a third generation family member. Through her “in-house” experience she has built a global network and has collaborated with like-minded families. Prior to joining The Global 51 team, she travelled to Davos, Switzerland during the World Economic Forum to speak on an “Invisible Women of Power” panel discussing the importance of mentorship during ages 12-19. Tasia has experience in wealth management, tech startups, investor relations, non-profits, hedge funds, personality coding, and social media management. She represents select firms at various events as an independent strategic advisor, providing guidance on all aspects of influencer/social media marketing, strategic partnerships, and other forms of marketing representation. Tasia also has experience in planning and curating large gatherings for high profile people around the world.